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You can receive your oxygen with or without a scent!

You will be offered your choice of scent before your appointment.  Please note that our scents change periodically.

Oxygen Therapy has many beneficial components.  Increased energy levels, improved mood, improve endurance, reduces stress, aids in headache and migraine relief, can promote better sleep and improves concentration.  The brain uses about three times as much oxygen as the muscles in the body use.  Therefore,  brain cells are very sensitive to lower oxygen levels and function better when oxygen levels are increased.  Our normal air consumption is about 21% and oxygen therapy can provide up to 95% of pure oxygen!  Breathing in non-medical scented oxygen at an oxygen bar delivers 4 to 5 times the amount of oxygen present in normal air.  The experience will leave you feeling refreshed, full of energy and detoxified.  AND YES! IT IS SAFE TO GET SCENTED OXYGEN WHILE RECEIVING YOUR IV THERAPY!


  • improved mood

  • improved concentration 
  • improved sports performance
  • reduced stress
  • provides relief for headache and migraine
  • promotes better sleep
FUN FACT: Students of any age find oxygen therapy beneficial before exam time, due to the stress reduction and concentration benefits.

recover, repair, rejuvenate, and oxygenate while you RELAX...